Flexicare Befriending Service

If you want to apply, make a referral, or simply find out more, please contact the Flexicare Co-ordinators: 

Address:     Wandsworth and Westminster Mind
                   Radstock House,
                   5 Eccleston Street.
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Telephone: 020 7259 8133 

Email:         flexicare@westminstermind.org.uk 

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5.00pm. 

What does this service do?

We provide trained and supervised supporters and befrienders who can fulfil a range of practical and social services related to day to day life. From help dealing with letters and forms, accompanying people to appointments, leisure activities and support building social networks, we will help you to connect to friends, family and the community as a confident, active and contributing individual with a future to look forward to. We will work with you not only to make the most of your talents and strengths but also to help you build up your skills and lead the life you want to live. 

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Flexicare has helped me to develop a new sense of confidence.


Are you interested in becoming a Flexicarer?

Flexicarers (also known as befrienders) are recruited from the local community, in particular universities and colleges. Some flexicarers may be studying psychology or psychotherapy, others have an interest in mental health or want to give something back to the community. Flexicarers are paid befrienders and attend induction training and supervision sessions. 

Flexicare helps me because it gets me out of here, anything that can get me out of the house is good so as not to be depressed; Flexicare has helped me a great deal to get out and back to the society.


Flexicare Co-ordinators carefully match clients with Flexicarers who will have similar backgrounds and interests. There is also an African-Caribbean scheme which incorporates an intercultural model in its approach and works with clients from this community. This particular client group had needs that historically have not being well met by existing services. The continuing expansion of this service attests to its success in meeting the needs of service users with AFro-Caribbean backgrounds. 

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A little history

We have been operating since 1993, and remain an innovative and unique service which works within the principles of recovery to successfully support clients. 

Read more about recovery, community integration and support.

What is Befriending?

Befriending is a supportive and purposeful relationship in which an individual gives time to support another to enable them to make changes in their life. We support people experiencing mental distress to take on meaningful and satisfying social roles within their local communities.  The service sustains and nurtures each person’s capacity to have more control over their life. 

It is nice to meet somebody and go out and have a chat and share interests and experiences.


What is a flexicarer and what can they offer me?

A flexicarer is a befriender or companion, someone you can talk to, who will listen sympathetically and in a nonjudgmental manner and provide a constructive response. Flexicarers are not trained professionals like a doctor or psychologist, but they do have some knowledge of mental illnesses and its effects and do undertake an induction training and ongoing supervision. 

A flexicarer is someone who can offer support with shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry or any other tasks around the home that you could benefit from having some extra support with. He or she is someone who will go out with you to the cinema, theatre, for meals, walks in the park or for whatever else your similar interests may be. 

A flexicarer is someone who will be there to help you with for example, understanding official correspondence, explaining and paying bills and liaising with other organisations such as home help services and outpatients via the co-ordinators in the Flexicare team. 

Having company and someone to go out and talk to and listen to my sorrows and problems when I am not in a good mood is very important for me.


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