What are Talking Therapies?

People who are unhappy or in distress often feel a need to talk.

Talking Therapies represent a range of psychological interventions which provide an opportunity to share your problems in privacy and confidence with a person who is trained and skilled in the art of listening and who is not personally involved in your situation. Talking Therapies are often referred to as counselling.

Counselling is more than just talking. Counselling is also about change and can help you build on your strengths, while you discover new ways of managing the more problematic aspects of your life. This process can lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and of the factors which have given rise to your problems in the first place.

If you want to find out more about our Talking Therapies and counselling you can download our leaflet by clicking on the Communities of Recovery image below. If you want to aply or make a referral you can do so by clicking on the Referral Form icon below.


Please note that you must be a resident in, or registered with a GP in, Westminster in order to access 1:2:1 counselling.

What are the different approaches used in counselling?

Just as there are different ways of using counselling, there are a variety of approaches used by counsellors. We offer integrative, psycho-dynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioural and existential approaches. However, clients often report that it is the quality of the relationship with the counsellor that matters rather than the details of the particular approach.

How will I know if counselling is helping me?  

For some people, counselling can bring about an immediate improvement. Whilst for others, change happens more gradually. Your counsellor can help you to monitor your progress. 

Cultural and Gender Sensitive Counselling 

For some people, it is important to be counselled by someone who comes from a similar or a completely different background. Our counsellors come from a range of different cultures and some can offer counselling in languages other than English. If you have any culture, gender or language preferences, please let us know. 

Mother Tongue Counselling 

Mother Tongue Counselling Service is committed to provide one-to-one talking therapy sessions personalised to suit the linguistic and cultural needs.

For more details click here.

Honorary Counselling Placements

We are particularly keen to encourage applicants who are Trainees or qualified Practitioners who are trained in the following approaches – 

Counselling for Depression (CfD)

Brief Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT)

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IT)

Couple Therapy for Depression


Arabic Speaking Counsellors

Counsellors who also have registered with the DBS Update service and can offer evening availability will also be at an advantage. 

We are looking for final year trainees in counselling, psychotherapy or psychology training who have completed a minimum of supervised clinical practice hours. 

The placement will offer therapeutic experience and the opportunity to learn to work in an integrative short term, solution focused service.

It will consist of short term 1:1 counselling and the possibility of co-facilitation of psycho-educational groups as well as linking clients with other services.

Wandsworth and Westminster Mind’s Talking Therapies Services are BACP Accredited. A commitment of 1 day a week is required with flexibility to offer evening slots.

Volunteers benefits include fortnightly group supervision with the placement being normally available for 2 years, with the possibility of extension depending on performance and service need.

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