Support 4 Volunteering

Support4Volunteering is a recovery service offering support to enable people affected by mental health problems to:

  • Develop or rediscover their interests, skills and confidence through education, training and volunteering
  • Engage with and make a contribution to the wider community through connecting with mainstream services and activities
  • Become more socially and financially independent through developing workplace skills and gaining employment

In 2016-17 we worked with 88 people

~ 76 entered into and/or sustained volunteering in the community

~ 32 people developed new employment related skills 

~ 10 people undertook paid work

~ 49 people undertook resilience building activities including adult education courses, IT skills development, therapeutic workshops, physical activities, social engagement and peer support groups

~ 29 people were involved in reviewing, commenting and feeding back on local mental health services

If you want to find out more about Support4Volunteering and our other community services you can download our leaflet by clicking on the Communities of Recovery image below.

    Some Background

    The service has been in operation since October 2006, working with people to enable them to identify their strengths, skills and interests and engage with activities and learning that support their recovery and improve wellbeing.   

    Volunteer Co-ordinators work with individuals providing assessment, regular one to one support, review and group activities. These are carried out with care co-ordinators and care teams to ensure a safe and holistic approach to the client’s development and recovery. We also work with employers and partner organisations to ensure a range of dynamic opportunities that match the needs and requirements of each individual.

    Core Activities

    Core activities range from:

    • Personal development programmes to help:
    • Build confidence and self-esteem
    • Improve communication and presentation skills
    • Managing change
    • Coping with stress
    • Support with CV writing
    • Job or volunteering search
    • Basic IT training and support
    • Health awareness and training
    • Group work to help develop social and communication skills
    • Workshops around specific aspects of volunteering, work placement and disclosure
    • In placement support

    ESF Gold

    This is a partnership between Paddington Development Trust, Central London Minds and other employment support organisations to enable people who have been unemployed for some time to develop their confidence, skills and abilities to get back into paid employment through one to one support, training, volunteering and work placement. It is funded by European Social Fund and London Councils and runs from September 2016 to August 2018.

    To find out more see details below.

    How to Access and Refer

    For more information or to discuss applying or making a referral contact us:

    By Phone:   020 7259 8122

    By Email:

    By Post:      Wandsworth and Westminster Mind


                       Basement Hopkinson House

                       6 Osbert Street 

                       London SW1P 2QU

    Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30 to 5.00pm

    S4V ETE Referral Form - July 2017.doc

    Contact Us

    Wandsworth & Westminster Mind
    Hopkinson House
    6 Osbert Street
    London SW1P 2QU

    020 7259 8100

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